Our company

Dedicated to quality

True quality comes from far more than great design and selecting excellent materials. Rowico has been family-run since 1971 and this has helped us grow our reputation for being fair, responsible and customer-focused. We believe that when you choose a piece made by us, a relationship begins.

Shared values

To us, our employees and the people we trust to source materials for us are part of an extended family with a powerful set of shared values. The furniture you choose is born out of a sense of responsibility that inspires great design, the commitment of our people, smarter distribution and how we treat our environment.

Delivering worldwide

Since 1971, we’ve developed a sophisticated, flexible, environmentally friendly and cost-effective logistics chain to distribute bulk orders of our furniture all over the world. This helps us keep our prices competitive and our carbon footprint as low as possible. If you’re distributing our furniture, we can ship directly from our modern 15,000 m² warehouse to your storage facilities, or to your customer.

A stable company

For almost 50 years, Rowico has grown steadily to arrive at where we’re at today. This has been achieved through strong, sound management and a commitment to honour the promises we make to our customers, our people and everyone else with whom we have a relationship.